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Shoot the DRILL

Attach the LINK of your uploaded VIDEO

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Sign to competiton

Go to the competition section in the Trainshot app. Select current competition and you are ready to go.

Get Trainshot Circle target

For this competition you need 1 Circle target.

Keep 5m/16ft distance from the target

Make sure to have Trainshot target 5 meter /16 feet from shooting position.

Use 9mm hand gun

You can use any 9 mm hand gun. Competition or stock gun are allowed. You will also need two magazines for reload.

Record your session

Ask your friend or range staff to help you record the session. Only results with video-proof will be eligible to win the prize money. Make sure that we can see your ammo, distance whole shooting from start position.

Start with a surrendered position and gun in holster

Each session has to start with surrendered position. Hands on ears and wait for beep to start shooting. Draw a gun from the holster.

Shoot the drill

5X5 Circle rules are simple:

1. shoot 5 rounds A,B,C,D,E
2. Reload
3. Shoot another 5 rounds E, D, C, B, A.
Your time is your score.

Upload video and add link to your result

Don't forget to add the link of your video to your results in the app. Only results with video can win the prices. Video can be on any social network. (post must be public)


Shoot one round to each circle in the A, B, C, D, E order, reload and shoot each circle in reversed order (E, D, C, B, A). Don’t skip the order. Your score is your time. 

 The distance (5m/5.5y) HAS TO BE shown on the video.

 The submission with video HAS TO BE downloaded by 31st AUGUST 2020

 Only one entry is permitted per person. Entries are to be submitted online and participants are allowed to (overwrite/rewrite) their submission with a new one throughout the duration of the competition. The duration is defined by Trainshot before the start of the competition, as displayed on screen.

 The participant is compulsory to follow all the safety rules and is responsible for all damage on property or health caused (his own or someone else – death cause included).

 The eye and ear protection are obligatory for everyone present on the shooting range during shooting.

 The user is aware and agree with the general terms and conditions on global online challenge (published by Trainshot) and also has read the user manual before using the products.


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