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Trainshot drills

The Trainshot application offers the unique experience of real-life combat challenges and drill trainings, compatible with any modern iOS or Android devices. Each training mode is accompanied with LED light signals directly on the target and verbal commands assigning strike zones, while scores and results get instantly evaluated at hand’s reach.

Single target drills

Multiple strike zones

Charlie! Stay alert! Aim and shoot on command.

Single target drills were developed for basic gun trainings to improve essential skills, suitable for smaller firearms. The Multiple zone mode randomly assigns the strike area on the target’s scoring zones, indicated with static green LED lights in a limited timeframe.

TrainShot Free pistol shooting

Free shooting

Choose a target, aim and shoot. See your real-time scores on your smart device screen and archive your results to see how you improve.

Trainshot reflex drill training mode, electronic shooting scoring system measure time of your shooting reaction.

Reflex action drill

Test your reflexes with TrainShot. Shoot immediately when the application gives you the commands.

TrainShot Multi zone shooting

Random zone drill

Work on your skills to have better speed, aim and trigger control. Improve yourself while focusing on various strike zones.

Multiple target drills

Multiple target drills are game changers for any shooter, experienced or not. The training requires various targets connected to the application, which randomly assigns the hit zones and records the reaction time. Different target patterns maximize the adrenaline level and test your firearm skills like no other. Multiple user mode included.

Unexpected strike zones

Challenge your focus on multiple targets with various patterns and work on your skills in the most effective and convenient way.

Combat mode

Create an adrenaline-filled battlefield with the combat mode by setting up the targets on different locations. Turn it into an exciting competition via multi-shooter mode.

Recorded results

The in-built timer lets you to track your time and evaluate your scores. Challenge yourself to achieve more for less, each time you go for a round!

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Choose the settings you prefer and a drill that fits you the best. Focus on what you need to improve by selecting specific training modes.


Keep track of your progress effortlessly. The application automatically saves and archives all your data, individual time, results from each strike and overall score.


Try to achieve better results each time you reach for Trainshot. Go for a multi user mode to challenge your friends or rivals.