Trainshot electronic system FAQ

What is Trainshot?

Trainshot is a  smart electronic scoring system with the ability to detect in real-time which zone of the target was shot. The shooter uses his own weapon and his own ammunition. The target cannot tell the user the exact position of the hit, only one of the five zones it was hit. Additionally it shows the user the split time and total time.  

The Trainshot consists of a free app, Bluetooth unit, and patented cardboard targets. In 2020 Trainshot added steel targets and airsoft targets to its portfolio. These targets can tell the user if the target was hit or not. 

The app includes countless shooting drills, the history of your trainings, and online competition. 

What features can I find in the Trainshot app?

The free Trainshot app offers the following features:

  • Timer function
  • Split time display
  • Single target drills (aimed at improving your precision, dynamic, drawing skills)
  • Multiple target drills 
  • Online competition (option to compete for free against shooters from all over the world from the comfort of your own shooting range)
  • History of your trainings (all your trainings are stored on the cloud so you can see how you performed anytime)
  • + constantly working on new improvements and features
How many targets can I connect to one smart device?

You can connect up to 16 Trainshot targets to one smart device (phone/tablet) for now.

If you need a special solution with more targets on one system, do not hesitate to contact us on this e-mail: info@trainshot.com

Is my smartphone or tablet compatible?

Have a look at the device compatibility:


  • All Apple devices with iOS version – 9.0+ (smartphones and tablets).

Here you can download iOS app


Android device must be running Android OS 4.4 or higher and have the following hardware capabilities:

  • Bluetooth LE (4.0)

Here you can download Android app

Without this hardware, Trainshot application won’t show for download in Google Play store.




What is the range of Trainshot electronic unit?

Standard communication range of Trainshot Bluetooth unit is 10 – 60* metres (10-60yards).

*Range depends on smartphone & environment and number of connected devices

If you would like to shoot at a larger distance (1kilometer, 1 mile) we recommend you to upgrade your antenna to Radio antenna and purchase the radio bridge unit

Once you purchased the radio antenna follow this easy video tutorial:

How is Trainshot electronic unit protected?

TrainShot electronic unit is well protected with specially designed and tested Hardox 500 steel shield, two silent blocks, specially designed printed circuits board for durability, and anti-shock electronic PCB. 

The only parts that are not protected are the Bluetooth antenna and the LEDs. If you accidentally shoot one of them you can order a spare one from the shop and replace it yourself within a few minutes. 

What if I accidentally shoot the LEDs?

If you will accidentally shoot the LEDs do not worry. You can order a new one from our shop. Once you receive your spare LEDs follow this simple video tutorial.

You can fix it in 2 minutes.


What if I accidentally shoot the Bluetooth antenna?

If you accidentally shoot the Bluetooth antenna do not worry. Just order a new Bluetooth antenna from our eshop.

Once you receive your new antenna follow the simple instructions from this video tutorial:

You can fix it within 5 minutes.

What is the power source for the Trainshot electronic unit?

The power source for the electronic unit can be:

  • 4 x AAA, 1.5V, standard battery
  • 4 x AAA  1.5V, alkaline battery
  • 4 x AAA, 1.2V, NI-MH  battery (rechargable)

Battery endurance for Trainshot electronic unit with alkaline battery is up to 40 hours.



What is battery lifespan?

If you use high-quality battery 4 x AAA the time can be up to 40 hours.

You can also change the brightness of the LED module in the Trainshot app in the settings. It can affect battery lifespan.

How can I update Trainshot unit?

If you connect Trainshot unit to app and firmware is older than actual firmware you will be forced to update the unit.

Please follow these easy steps or have a look at our video tutorial.

  1. Turn on the unit.
  2. Connect the unit to the app.
  3. If the firmware is outdated, update screen will pop up automatically.
  4.  Push and hold the turn on button until yellow lights glow.
  5. While holding the button tap the Update button in the app.
  6.  Wait till the update progress will be more than 1%. 
  7. Release button on the unit.
  8. Wait approx 2 min to finish the update.


Smart cardboard target FAQ

What kind of bullets are compatible with Trainshot?

Trainshot cardboard targets can detect metal bullets and send the signal directly to the Trainshot electronic unit and users smartphone.
TrainShot target system is tested with several type of bullets:

  • 9 mm Luger, 99,99%  detection reliability
  • 7.62 x 39 mm, 99,99%  detection reliability
  • .45 ACP bullet, 99,99%  detection reliability
  • .22LR, .223,  99,99% detection reliability (for small calibers targets contact us at info@trainshot.com)
  • and other metal bullets

Please avoid to use bullets with:

  • Plastic coating,
  • teflon coating,
  • bullets with painted coating,
  • flat nose bullet,
  • shorter bullets than 4 mm,
  • plastic BB.


How many bullets can I shot at one target?

You can shoot approximately  250 shots at one target.

It depends on many factors such as:

  • Caliber
  • Static or dynamic shooting
  • Distance
  • Type of target (Circles, Ipsc, Hostage)

The quality of detection will be lower with a bigger number of shots, the same as convection paper targets.
If you will shoot a big hole in the target and the next shot will fly through the air, the system will not detect your shot. In that case, we recommend to change the target. 

Does this smart target system work with air guns or airsoft?

Trainshot paper targets with 5 zone detection works only with metal bullets.

If you are interested in using air guns or airsoft guns we recommend you to use our airsoft targets or steel targets.

The airsoft targets offer hit or no hit detection, multiple drills, and history as well. 

Please check https://www.trainshot.com/airsoft/ for more information.