Hello World, TrainShot!

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Gun sight training. Ask yourself how much time do you have for gun shooting drill. Half an hour? You are a lucky guy if you have almost one hour with everything. Come to shooting range, make some documentation, pack your arsenal out, ears, eyes and you finally start shooting. Want to be a bit more efficient? Than you re-stick your paper target, after each shot use binoculars or move paper target by sliders…

I am Robert. That so much waste of time sucked me a lot, so I created smart electronic shooting target TrainShot. Idea of TrainShot was born almost 3 years ago. I am a founder of few technological companies and time is quite important for me. I want to be effective, so I made gun shooting efficient and entertaining. TrainShot saves your time, comes with gun shooting training drill modes, gives results, counts reaction time, you see your shots in real time.

How it works Trainshot smart target scoring automatic system

Everything is smart nowadays. Smart phones, smart watches, smart homes, autonomous cars… And paper shooting target is also smart thanks to TrainShot.

I started from the bottom. I was thinking how to send my pistol shooting score to my iPhone. Make something smart is actually adding some electronics to a not so smart objects. So it has to be a special electronic paper target with electronic unit.

TrainShot PCB prototype

I began with software and hardware coding. At the same time I was looking for bulletproof steel resistant to pistol bullets. I made hundreds prototypes of smart gun cardboard targets and electronic unit. Some dangerous staff – PCB etching and shooting with airgun and 9mm Luger in my lab. God bless my neighbours didn’t call police (just kidding).

TrainShot hardox steel electronic unit

If pistol shooting has to be effective, fast, smart, I need to have my results in my iPhone and see there every zone of the hit. It has to be simple, practical. I followed app developing according these key words and ideas.

Than I wanted to have at least 3 types of reactive shooting target. We created IPSC, Circles and Hostage. During tests I had to draw every single smart papier target with a special mixed colour, test glues, special colour additives and chemicals, test types of a paper. After making hundreds prototypes the result was an unique special electronic paper target with patent pending technology.

TrainShot smart target at shooting range

Finally it looked like a real product. I developed an electronic unit with my own PCB and firmware which perfectly worked with a special electronic paper target. TrainShot was born.

TrainShot first prototype

TrainShot electronic unit costs 149 EUR (approx. 175 USD) and price of one TrainShot smart paper target is 3.99 EUR (approx. 4.50 USD). Available is also TrainShot paper target box with 10 targets for 34.90 EUR (approx. 40.50 USD) on TrainShot e-shop.

Trainshot electronic unit packaging 2

Robert, Adriena