Trainshot is the revolutionary solution for target shooting enthusiasts and shooting ranges. The system is a combination of patent pending reactive targets and a small electronic unit, offering a digitalized electronic scoring system through a target shooting application on any smart device available.

Smart target personal system

Free shooting

Choose a target, aim and shoot. See your real-time scores on your smart device screen and archive your results to see how you improve.

Multiple strike zones

Charlie! Stay alert! Aim and shoot on command.

Single target drills were developed for basic gun trainings to improve essential skills. The Multiple zone mode randomly assigns the strike area on the target’s scoring zones, indicated with static green LED lights in a limited timeframe.

Most portable target system on the market

Just attach small bluetooth electronic unit to target and start shooting with Trainshot smart target system.

Do not worry, unit is protected with Hardox steel plate.

Your profile


Choose the settings you prefer and a drill that fits you the best. Focus on what you need to improve by selecting specific training modes.


Keep track of your progress effortlessly. The application automatically saves and archives all your data, individual time, results from each strike and overall score.


Try to achieve better results each time you reach for Trainshot. Go for a multi user mode to challenge your friends or rivals.

trainshot app shooting statistics

Trainshot system equipments

Electronic Unit

The electronic unit processes signals from the reactive target and sends the data into a smart device. The in-built, easily replaceable LED lights assign commands according to the selected training mode. The device is extremely durable due to the bulletproof Hardox 500 shield casing.

Smart cardboard target

The cardboard target detects the shots on its surface thanks to a unique patent. When connected to the Trainshot system’s electronic unit, the intelligent shooting target sends the hit zones data into the application while simply attached to a metal casing. Various shapes are available.

Firearms training application

The application offers various drills for firearm training and game- like challenges on any iOS or Android device while providing instant scoring results and double tap detection. During drill training, the LED lights and verbal commands assign the strike zones which need to be shot in a given timeframe for an advanced target practice.

Put the emphasis on yourself with the Trainshot target system. No more manual procedures, expensive equipment and time wasted on setups. Only you and your shooting skills.

Join the target shooting revolution


To maximize the experience and minimize the work, we are offering three basic shooting kits. Whether you are a beginner shooter, professional, owner of a shooting range or a hunting
enthusiast, our kits will cover all your needs. No need to sweat with combinations, just choose from
the available options.


We all have distinctive preferences when it comes to shooting and we are here to satisfy
everyone’s need. Therefore, our portfolio provides various targets suitable for different demands
and expectations. By default, we offer four patterns, but further personalization is possible on

Drill trainings

Shooting skills are all about speed, aim and dexterity. Our drill training modes are
here to improve each of them. Work on your abilities by selecting a suitable training and see how
your results improve one-by-one. The application provides a comprehensive report to track you
shooting progress.

Trainshot in Media

Frag Out Magazine Trainshot review

FRAG OUT Magazine: Trainshot - train and have fun!

"Trainshot will be perfect for every kind of shooting events or team-building events. Not much walking to the targets and lot of fun!" FRAG OUT Magazine #23, p. 92 - 96

NRA shooting sports USA Trainshot review

NRA Shooting Sports USA: SHOT Show 2019 - Trainshot Electronic Training System

"There's no shortage of electronic training systems available today, but one that stuck out from the crowd for me at SHOT Show 2019 was the system from Trainshot. A company based out of the Slovak Republic, Trainshot's portable electronic system shows promise." John Parker, NRA Shooting Sports USA

Strzal Trainshot review

Strzał: Trainshot - Shooting with bluetooth device

"Man already has that inherent habit to save energy (not to say - out of laziness) he likes to make things easier. And it must be admitted that from this desire to facilitate life often come out very nice things - a car, plane, TV remote control, dishwasher or shooting target system using bluetooth technology and smartphones or ... tablets. Such as Trainshot." Michał Sitarski, Strzał 9/10 2018, translated from Polish