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Electronic intelligent target:

  • 5 zones of detection
  • Dimension: 450×590 mm
  • Live ammunition

TrainShot – Patent pending smart target system. Designed and made in EU. 

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smart target system explained trainshot

The cardboard target has a unique patent which enables the pattern to detect hits on the surface. It is connected to the Trainshot system’s electronic unit and sends the signals of your hit zones while simply attached to the metal casing.

The target can endure up to 300 shots before replaced. New boards cost no more than a single cup of coffee and can be personalized on request.

electronic target designs

Connect various targets to your device and train with different patterns to maximize your adrenaline level and test your skills.

shooting target patches

NO patches

Set target once and use it the whole session. Without the need to cover holes with patches.

shooting binoculars

NO binoculars

Binoculars are for bird watchers, not for shooters. Know your hit in milliseconds, with Trainshot remote targets.

shooting timer

NO external timers

Trainshot measures the exact time when the bullet penetrates the target with microseconds accuracy.


  • 5 zones of detection
  • smart layered paper (patented)
  • Dimension: 450×590 mm
  • Live ammunition
  • 4 default designs 

Trainshot – Patent pending smart target system. Designed and made in EU. 

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Dimensions45 × 59 × 6 cm