UPGRADE: Extender (extra protection for your unit)


Extra protection for your unit. 


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As a convenient option for shooting ranges, we offer the Trainshot Extender that can be mounted easily on any construction. Its primary function is to protect the unit from getting damaged by holding the target board further from the device.

Extender makes target replacement process much faster thanks to a simple slide-in system. It is a part of the Trainshot Shooting Range Kit, meant for regular shooters who want to avoid the time-consuming manual work around their beloved activity. The electronic unit is placed above the Extender, further from the target, to avoid damages by being out of the hit zone.

This Kit makes for an excellent solution for shooting ranges, as it requires very little maintenance and makes for a manageable system, well-protected against heavy shooting of various calibers and shooters of all levels from beginner to professional. It pairs with your phone or tablet and guides your training towards effective progress in shooting.



  • Electronic unit connector
  • Standard RJ45 ethernet patch cable A-A (replaceable – easy and cheap) 
  • 8mm AR500 steel chassis



  • Extender dimensions: 530x65x40 mm / 20.9×2.6×1.6 in
  • Extender weight: 2300g / 5.1 lbs
  • Mounting style: hang –  retrieval system / wooden post
  • Front shield: AR500 8mm / 0.3 in
shooting target patches

NO patches

Set target once and use it the whole session. Without the need to cover holes with patches.

shooting binoculars

NO binoculars

Binoculars are for bird watchers, not for shooters. Know your hit in milliseconds, with Trainshot remote targets.

shooting timer

NO external timers

Trainshot measures the exact time when the bullet penetrates the target with microseconds accuracy.

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Weight2.2 kg