3 Steel Targets + 1 Long Range Bridge

Range: 1000 m / 3300 ft

Pairing limit: 16 targets (depending on device)


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The Steel Kit consists of three Trainshot Steel targets and a long range radio bridge unit. The Trainshot Steel Target is designed to withstand all threats human and natural. This premium product focuses on comfort. It reflects our care for every little detail in smart target development.

It is durable against handguns and rifles and meant for both personal use and shooting ranges, day and night. The Trainshot Steel Targets are perfectly waterproof which makes them reliable in every weather. They require little to no maintenance at all.

steel targets specs 1


  • Battery: 4x AAA (recharge-optional)
  • Battery life: 2+ days
  • Radio Link: Bluetooth 4.0
  • Frequency: 2.4 GHz 
  • Range: 10-70 m /  33 – 230 ft
  • Unit dimensions: 150x100x45 mm / 5.9×3.9×1.8 in  
  • Unit weight: 892 g / 1.96 lbs
  • Mounting style: hang –  retrieval system / wooden post
  • Pairing limit: 16 targets (depending on device)
  • Front shield: AR500 9mm / 0.3 in
steel targets specs description 2
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Weight45 kg