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Long Range Trainshot Unit

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The long-range kit eliminates distances and makes shooting with rifles more convenient. This setup includes a long-range radio communication module mounted on the unit, a radio bridge connected to your smart device and a protective extender, making it suitable for sniper trainings or hunting challenges.

The Long Range Trainshot Unit is using an antenna that covers distance up to 1 kilometer / 3300 ft. When stacking multiple within your shooting training setup, a network is created, extending the signal reach even further. Installing this long range upgrade ensures stable connection and flexibility throughout your shooting training. ​

Pairing with other Trainshot targets optional for enhanced experience. With multiple devices, numerous drills and features are unlocked.
Compatible with: Steel Targets and Paper Target Kits

The connection technology is based on Bluetooth but can be upgraded with add-ons from our e-shop.

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  • Battery: 4x AAA (recharge-optional)
  • Battery life: 40 hrs
  • Radio Link: Bluetooth -> Long Range
  • Frequency: 2.4 GHz 
  • Range: 1000 m /  3300 ft
  • Pairing limit: 16 targets (depending on device)
  • Unit dimensions: 150x100x45 mm / 5.9×3.9×1.8 in  
  • Unit weight: 892 g / 1.96 lbs
  • Mounting style: hang –  retrieval system / wooden post
  • Front shield: AR500 8mm / 0.3 in
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2¢ per shot

Most affordable smart target system on the market.

*One target lasts up to 200 shots

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